Equal rights for all

An interesting article..

Bartlett & Associates support equal rights for all. The article below was posted on our facebook page on 20 February 2019. We received many comments on the subject. Please view our Facebook page should you wish to see all the comments, but we have extracted a few of the comments at the bottom of this page. If you can't open the link below, please copy the link and paste it into your internet browser.


Some of the comments received on our Facebook Page:

Hilda Smedy - "Sad, but so true! Men have no support in situations like these as its expected they should be able to protect themselves!  How trite! They are humans same as women and need same support and help! Yes, no gender in domestic violence...but very seldom is it acknowledged that men suffer just as badly!

Shereen Marajah - "Domestic violence does exist...just men that dnt talk...SPEAK UP"

Rajeev Rambulip - "True. Women can destroy you mentally, still play the victim and get away with so called kind behaviour displayed in public.  If it were not for children, some men die slowly hating every day with women of such and need to break free without hurting the kids.  How does a man do that?"

Maria Westermeyer - "Sadly the domestic violence can be both genders and it is not like a person wakes up on a blue monday and say to themselves today i'm gonna beat the crap out of my partner, this kind of violence unfortunately is bread from a young age which means logically what you observe see feel and experience as a child developes from what is learned from ones home or if was in a foster home etc, and as that it stays within for a long time in a persons mind"