Evictions are not an easy matter to deal with, but Bartlett & Associates are able to assist you in making the process as painless as possible.

On the 10th February 2019 we posted an article on our Facebook page that gives more information on how to deal with lawfully evicting a tenant.

The PIE Act (Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act) defines an "unlawful occupier" as:

  • A defaulting tenant whose lease has been cancelled;
  • A defaulting mortgagor whose bond has been cancelled and whose property has been sold in execution;
  • A squatter; or
  • Any person who does not have the express consent of the owner or person in lawful control of the premises to occupy the premises.

Once you, as the landlord, cancel a lease agreement, a tenant is no longer a tenant, but an unlawful occupier.

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